Doreth Jones grew up in Oxford and has always been involved in the creative industries, she began her career in jewellery manufacture way back in 2004.   

Inspired by her stylish mother, and artist such as Willard Wigan, Doreths’ passion for design was established at a very early age.  

Partly self taught with additional external classes, she immediately made a huge impact on the Industry, winning awards and being described as one of tomorrows “rising stars”. 

Using recycled materials reflecting a strong commitment to ethical and environment issues Doreth seeks to infuse her work with a passion and commitment to quality, design and integrity. Doreth Jones is an artisan whose handmade jewellery is admired for its uniqueness, variety, and exquisite beauty. Her jewellery has been worn by Erykah Badu, Omar and she has made pieces for Grace Jones.